Friday, February 28, 2014

Warning: I am going to ask you for money.

We've all had that moment when we are reading along through a perfectly worded email (or a letter sent through the actual mail if someone was really classy) when you realize,  "oh shoot... they're getting ready to ask me for money". I thought I'd save you from that moment by making the subject line of this post really clear so that you can either run for the hills right now or you can get your credit card ready with great anticipation :) 

I have been invited to go on a trip to Cape Town, South Africa with a group of less than 30 people from my church in May to explore a potential new partnership with an organization called Orchard Africa.  During our trip we will get to participate in a vacation bible school for kids, visiting creches's (pre-schools), observing healthcare centers and serving the community in whatever capacity we are needed while we are there. 

Last year, my dad, brother and niece went on a similar trip and the experience for them was life-changing. Below is a link to a video that paints a great picture of their trip and the previous work that's been happening in other parts of South Africa through our partnerships and a lot of really awesome, really generous folks. I am honored to have been invited and I am asking you to help me get there.  

South Africa Trip Video

Asking for your financial help to allow me to go on this trip is an act of faith in my community and I am confident in your generosity as I've already experienced in many different ways over the past year when I've need it most and didn't exactly know how to receive it.  I've learned during this season of my life that I am surrounded by incredible friends and family who have been teaching me lessons in receiving so often that the idea of asking for what I need or want is no longer terrifying. 

You can click here to donate. 

Thank you in advance and I can't wait to share all of the stories from my journey and post about one million facebook and instagram photos

You do not have to create a login to donate.  If you have trouble, please let me know.  Video used with permission...kind of. Thanks, Andrew! 

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